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Photos from my last trip to England in July 2006 (including Joe & Katie's wedding) would be here.

Here some pictures of my new house and now we have stuff in our new house (August 06).

Keri-Lynn's Call to the Bar mean that the Pints are on her now :-)

I stumbled on some photos, which I scanned in to send to CIC. Here are the CIC Photos.
This next lot is a collection of random photos, which some people will have seen before, but it's been awhile.
This is where the Wedding info starts.

This is one of my better moments of inspiration. Finally a picture of my first ever co-host, The Pink Chick, enjoying some of the finer things in life :-)
The Pink Chick
The full Pink Chick Gallery

Pictures from Switzerland would be here.

Here are some Kiwi's On Patrol in 1997
They are as ferocious on the Rugby field as they are on the battle ground, be warned!
If you can help me put some names to these faces, email
Kiwis On Patrol

This is my ICQ#: 41902287 and a link to the web interface for ICQ so you can login.

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