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There's a Big Bash happening in St John's on 28th July 2007, and this is where you can find some of the details

  • Wednesday 25 - Rehearsal (5 pm), Dinner at 6 pm (The Rooms)
  • Thursday 26 - Stag/Stagette (Hen Night)
  • Friday 27 - Recover/Golf/Boat Tour (3:30pm)/Soft Ball Game (9-11pm)
  • Saturday 28 - Service at 4 pm (The Anglican Cathedral of St. John the Baptist), Reception to follow 6:30 pm (The Battery Hotel) feat DJ Slap and MC Tickle World Reunion Tour 2007
  • Sunday 29 - Gift opening (3 - 5 pm)
RSVPs are in and we're making the final touches.

For wedding gifts we’re registered with Universal Travel.

Heather Rice is coordinating the registry:
Universal Travel
386 Elizabeth Avenue, Suite 102B, Summerville Plaza
St John’s
Newfoundland and Labrador
A1B 1V2

Pictures of The Battery Hotel.

The floor plan (click on the picture to open or save the high res version)
Battery Floor Plan

1. View from Lobby, with guest book table and seating plan
The Battery Hotel 1
2. Into the dinning room, arch way is inside room because of the direction the doors open
The Battery Hotel 2
3. Note 2 pillars on the left (in need of lights) and lights over dance floor/tables going into the centre. There are several hooks in the ceiling.
The Battery Hotel 3
4. Head/Top table
The Battery Hotel 4
5. Pillars on the right (same as Picture 3) are in need of lights, speakers will also be positioned next to them :-)
The Battery Hotel 5
6. Entrance, gift table on left and DJ position on right
The Battery Hotel 6
7. View from the window
The Battery Hotel 7
8. Part of the view
The Battery Hotel 8
9. Table on right for slide show
The Battery Hotel 9
10. DJ position
The Battery Hotel 10

Bridesmaid Dress (style 8585, colour apple)
Bridesmaid Dress

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