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Isn't it amazing what you can find at times.
This is the collection of photos which were sent to CIC detailing some of the things we've done together.
Dover and Stratford-Upon-Avon
t_and_k_photo_01.jpg t_and_k_photo_02.jpg
A Ball in Ruthford (UKC) and Christmas 2000, with Alex joining us
t_and_k_photo_03.jpg t_and_k_photo_04.jpg
t_and_k_photo_05.jpg t_and_k_photo_06.jpg
My Father's MBA graduation and Regatta Day Whale watching in 2001
t_and_k_photo_07.jpg t_and_k_photo_08.jpg
Claire joined us for Travis and Wanda's wedding. In Switzerland (on a golf course)
t_and_k_photo_09.jpg t_and_k_photo_10.jpg
Enjoying a real fondue in the Mountains
t_and_k_photo_11.jpg t_and_k_photo_12.jpg
Before Matt and Ruth's wedding, Stonehenge June 2002
t_and_k_photo_13.jpg t_and_k_photo_14.jpg
Visiting G & G
t_and_k_photo_15.jpg t_and_k_photo_16.jpg
The Queen's Jubilee in 2002
t_and_k_photo_17.jpg t_and_k_photo_18.jpg
Outside St James' Palace and Thanksgiving in Conche
t_and_k_photo_19.jpg t_and_k_photo_20.jpg
t_and_k_photo_21.jpg t_and_k_photo_22.jpg
A New Year celebration
t_and_k_photo_23.jpg t_and_k_photo_24.jpg
BTW Most of these photos could do with some cropping. I was just in a rush to scan them in, before posting them to CIC.

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