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Some random photos, which have appeared on various incarnations of websites I've made.

This used to be our house in Rugby. I actually have a water colour of it hanging in my kitchen. Yep that's my parents on the door step.
House in Rugby My Parents
Yep, I do have a licence to kill ;-)
There's nothing like a glass of port (UKC Feb 04)
At Andy's House on Sturry Rd (UKC '02?)
Andys House
Guy, Me and Ruth, I think around 1997
Guy Me and Ruth
Doing the DJ thing with Jeremy in Switzerland in 1997
Jeremy and I
Having fun in Ikea
Fun in Ikea
Chris and I in Switzerland in 1997
Chris and I
Myself and Giles at one of those Christmas Balls at UKC
Me and Giles
One of those moments at UKC. This was at the Canterbury Panto (Peter Pan) with Toyah Wilcox on the right.
Nothing like a random picture of my train set. Not the best layout at the time, but it served it's purpose.
So can you me spot in the Dunchurch-Winton Hall Rugby Team photo from 1992?
DWH Rugby Team
Here I am (dressed in Green in the bottom left) starting to climb Jean Jeanie, Trowbarrow Quarry, Lancs (1994?)
Me Climbing
This is where I switch move to "lieback" and "walk" up the face, very cool fun at the time.
Me Climbing
In my bedsit at Uppingham (1996). Check out the beer towels, including the Pedigree one!
In my bedsit
My Mother and I before Janice's wedding.
Janice's wedding
The official picture from the RAG ball at UKC

Toby at 1 month old

At Tower Lodge

My confirmation at Uppingham in March 1993

A self portrait I took, developed and printed in March 1993

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